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SongStarz Creative & Wellbeing Challenges

Thank you for considering supporting this fundraiser.

SongStarz is a series of books, songs, musicals for schools and related media, created by F.J.Lily, a.k.a Fiona Lily, which centres on the adventures of Issy, Lola and Cass as they take part in the SongStarz television competition. Fans of the series and original musical will be aware that one of the central characters is marginally obsessed with wellbeing, positive psychology and mindfulness. 

Building on this, From July to Dec 2022, SongStarz will be releasing a monthly creative and wellbeing challenge to our corporate partners for them to send out to their staff. Organisations can become a SongStarz Creative & Wellbeing Challenge partner for the year by making a donation, based on company size to the SongStarz DEC Fundraiser.  

Enhancing Wellbeing through Creativity and Mindful Practice has well documented benefits to both individuals and organisations. 

Organisations are provided with a short activity to send to participants each day from Monday to Friday for one week per month, July through to December. The aim is for participants to complete the activity any time during the working day to enhance workplace wellbeing and flex creative muscles.

Why Sign Your Company Up?

Studies across European countries have shown that around 17% of the population have reported some experience with persistent depressed mood, loss of interest, difficulty sleeping, poor appetite, impaired concentration and feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness to varying degrees, all of which interfere with a person's ability to perform their day to day activities. Such activities might include interaction with loved ones, friends and colleagues, lack of energy, and preoccupation with negative themes and ideas. 

Depression has been shown to be cyclical in that it can recur, with many experiencing reluctance to reach out out to mental health services. Evidence also suggests that the level of functional impairment is comparable to major medical illnesses with additional studies showing that depressed patients spending more time in bed (1.4 days per month) than patients with lung disease (1.2 days) diabetes (1.5 days per month) or arthritis (0.7 days per month), with depression also being one of the most common causes of extended work absence in office workers.

Of course, as well as supporting employee wellbeing by participating, by donating to the DEC Humanitarian Response for the Ukraine, you're also contributing to a worthwhile cause.

How Does it Work?

 SongStarz Creativity & Wellbeing Challenges are normally licenced yearly, however Corimis and F.J.Lily are waiving licence fees for 2022 in return for a donation of £100 per 100 participants minimum (so £100 donation licences you to use the challenges with up to 100 employees, £200 donation licences you for 100-200 employees etc for DEC via the SongStarz Fundraiser on JustGiving (link above) that will run throughout 2022. All donations go straight to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal via Just Giving. We think a pound per person is a great investment to improve the wellbeing of your staff over a six month period. Please feel free to donate more.  

Step 1:

Register your interest via the form below from your company email account.  

Step 2:

We'll contact you with the detail early June.

Step 3:

 On the 1st of the month, July to Dec 2022 you'll receive a SongStarz Creativity & Wellbeing Challenge Pack. Each pack will contain a simple 5-15 minute activity for participants to undertake at some point in their working day. You will send out Monday's activity to participants on Monday, Tuesday's on Tuesday, etc, with this being managed by you, in house. Materials are of course copyright protected, and SongStarz is a trademark, you can only use them for your direct employees and only for the licence period. You can download full detail and terms HERE.

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